Canada Travel Power Adapter Guide 🇨🇦

Do you need a power adapter when travelling to Canada from the United States? No, for most devices you will not need a plug adapter or power converter while in Canada. Canada uses the TYPE A electrical plug and socket.

Type B (grounded) power plugs are also generally compatible with Canada's electrical sockets. The standard voltage is 120V and standard frequency is 60HZ. You will need a power converter when visiting from the United States to step down the voltage.

✔️ You do not need a travel adapter in Canada if you are traveling from the United States.

A Plug

Type A Plug

Type B Plugs are also generally compatible in Canada.

Ad Socket

Type A Socket

Type A sockets have two flat parallel ports. Type B sockets have an additional third round pin at the bottom for the ground.

Voltage and Frequency

120V / 60Hz

Power converter is not required for most US devices in Canada.

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